about us



 Mined + Found is a celebration of exquisite craft and playful, unexpected detail. An homage to the extraordinary art of fine jewelry, each piece is imbued with joy and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our jewels are finished by hand, pairing traditional methods of craftsmanship with carefully selected materials that are both time-honored and vibrantly unique to our atelier.

Mined + Found showcases the beauty of precious materials in unexpected and contrasting pairings. The paper-white glow of pearls and vibrant Rainbow Silk®. The soft sheen of smooth cabochons and the fiery glitter of opals. The smooth warmth of polished gold and faceted fancy-cut gems.

Launched in 2020, Mined + Found has quickly become a go-to for seasoned fine jewelry collectors. Designer Jenn Rachinsky Breznen's signature fusion of texture and color with a seemingly effortless air has been featured by multiple industry publications and influencers.

Jenn’s irrepressible love for color suffuses Mined + Found. Vibrant, hand-selected gemstones glow on luxurious threads of Rainbow Silk®. From a single, extraordinary stone to a strand of polished beads, we transform extraordinary materials into distinctive fine jewelry.



Jenn arrived at fine jewelry design after decades of exposure to the world of fine jewelry, watches and gemstones. As a child, her grandfather's watchmaking bench was a favorite place to play, his spare watch hands and components transformed into charms and adornments. Her Mother, a collector of mineral specimens, brought her to tag along on trips to gem & mineral shows. Windowsills became filled with small crystal specimens, and her love of gemstones grew. "I remember attending my first gem show as a kid.. Seeing all of the colorful gemstones laid out before me... even then, I knew that jewelry would be an important part of my life".

After over a decade as a retail fine jewelry & watch buyer, Jenn set out to fuse her love of gemstones and knowledge of fine jewelry tradition & technique with her modern, often unexpected design perspective. Mined + Found was unearthed.

With close attention to the unique qualities of each jewel, Jenn’s designs bring out the character of her luxurious materials. At the heart of Mined + Found is Jenn’s personal relationship with her atelier.